Our program meets in person (soon, hopefully!) once a week for two months at our San Francisco office. We try to complete all work in class, but you may choose to expand your work at home. After the this program you can choose to continue with other members as your business grows, our use us one-on-one for personal consulting. We can even manage the back office functions so you can focus on just the functions you enjoy!

Class 1: Introduction
Guest Speaker: Life Coach

Meet the group and review expectations for the class and receive your binder. Get to know your classmates, and partner with a group that will carry you through the rest of the term. We’ll review your basic idea and hep you set goals for the next 3/6/12 months. You will begin to prepare a small presentation for the next class.

Class 2: Target Market
Guest Speaker: Marketing Specialist

Present your idea and to the class, focusing on your life/balance goals. The class will provide feedback, and we’ll learn how to determine your potential customer market and their buying behavior. In preparation for the next class you will breakdown the specific characteristics of your product.

Class 3: Shaping Your Product
Guest Speaker: Product Manager

Does your target market really want what you want to sell them? We will focus on your product design, features, and pricing before building the actual product or service using what you learned in the previous class. We will review financial information for the next class.

Class 4: Running the Business
Guest Speaker: Accountant

In our most technical class we will explore how to fund your business, determine your profit margins, and learn about bookkeeping and taxes. We will also learn about what state and local license and business registrations need setup.

Class 5: Hiring a Team
Guest Speaker: HR Manager

We will review the laws and steps around determining if you need a support staff, and how to hire them. There’s many laws and protocols around W2 vs 1099 workers, and affordable ways to outsourcing or hire local vendors. You will also work on creating an employee handbook and payroll process.

Class 6: Next Steps
Guest Speaker: Small Business Owner

Your goals from the first class will be review and adjusted to determine where the business grows from here. We can determine if you need outside support and funding, and setup a plan to manage your business while still focusing on your personal goals.

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